Boss of Tessier-Ashpool Recordings, Liar recently collaborated with Mutual Friend on new single "Sidewinder" (released a couple of weeks ago), a track built from mechanised funk and distorted vocals, extolling the importance of the DJ. It makes sense for a label that references Neuromancer​ to put out such futuristic, minimalist and slightly oppressive electronica. As appropriate for a club as it is a scene in a dystopian sci-fi, it's a super fun, super dark piece of electronica.

Just as enjoyable as the music is the way it presents itself; on the story behind the video, Liar had this to say: "In the desolate, brutalist aftermath of an unspecified apocalypse, Lady Guidance (Saga Xux), the knight errant Propulsion (Mutual Friend) and the zealot Warhead (Liar) roam the ruins of the old world, in search of Baby Disarmament and her promise of absolution. In the end, they alchemically resynthesize warm-blooded humanity from Warhead's elder blood, Propulsion's new blood, and Guidance's crimson lightprimordial humours, the ink and petrol of literacy and industry, and virginal purity amalgamating into a sustainable future." 

How can you not love that?