Today, Carnao Beats releases new track "Telling Me Lies"which is the latest in a long line of club-ready, percussive anthems from the London house stalwart. Employing vocals from Deborah Cox's 1998 single, "It's Over Now", the R&B jam is expertly flipped with a slick edge, allowing the vocal to breathe right the way through over rhythmic kicks and pulsing bass. Carnao expanded on this process, sharing with us over email: "I tried to keep it minimal with the bassline but have a more Dusky feel with the drums to keep up the pace and allow the vocals to shine. It's a vocal I've always loved and thought it would sit just right on the beat." You can next hear the uncompromising and distinctive sounds of Carnao Beats live at Audio Rehab next month at Ministry Of Sound. Until then, stream "Telling Me Lies" exclusively below.

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