South London "drillaz" 67 are the rawest crew in UK rap, ​but you already knew that. Since their menacing start two years ago, 67 have clocked up plays in the millions for their eerily dark musings of the streets, earning themselves fans (of all ages) across the land. Today, the Brixton Hill boys drop off an exclusive cut from their new album, Let's Lurk (due out Sept. 9). Where the last drop, "5AM Vamping", was more light and almost feel-good on production, "Jump Out Gang" is as sinister as trap beats come, with riotous, screwface-worthy lyrics to match. "We're about to be everywhere when Let's Lurk drops. It's our time now," LD tells Complex—​and we couldn't agree more. Listen to "Jump Out Gang" exclusively below. 

UPDATE (Nov. 15): The official video has just landed.