Chicago producer Plu2o Nash returns on Friday with the official premiere for his new video featuring The Neighbourhood's lead singer, Jesse Rutherford. In the video, the two match the spacy, summer banger over some vintage footage of two young girls traveling around a local carnival, riding on various rides and just enjoying life. The clip, which will give you a nostalgic 1970s feel, ends with the girls at the bottom of a pier, drifting into the water as the smooth melodies fade away.

This is the first song released from Plu2o Nash's upcoming project, Nash Effect, which will be out on his birthday on November 19. "All can say is this was is a start of a new culture and the one that is going to show everybody. This video is pure. A rockstar , a young producer from Chicago and a very talented Videographer and photographer named Bradley Avila aka A1w0p just did something that was never been done before," Plu2o told Complex. You can watch the video above and check out the rest of Plu2o's discography on Soundcloud here