Let me tell you a story about the only band that ever really mattered. No, not The Clash. I'm talking about post-pop icons *NSYNC. When Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and some guy named Justin Timberlake linked up back in 1997 for their self-titled debut, the world was forever changed. Sadly, it's been a long-ass time (i.e. 15 years!) since their most recent album Celebrity, meaning a reunion is surely in order. In the spirit of JC's 40th birthday, we were (kinda) given exactly that.

Indeed. The big 4-0, which previously hit Kirkpatrick 4 years ago, just struck our guy JC. Though the dudes didn't immediately hit the studio after throwing down to give us a proper Celebrity follow-up, TMZ reports they did launch into a quick performance. Sadly, they chose to sing little-known party anthem "Happy Birthday" instead of something from their massive catalog of bangers:

Additionally, TMZ reports that Timberlake kindly requested a member of the paparazzi to "shut the fuck up" as he left The Nice Guy in Los Angeles, while Fatone was "friendly and hilarious and clearly somewhat intoxicated." Perfect! That's my *NSYNC.

Fans of Orlando's leading export were last treated to some acute *NSYNC nostalgia in the form of Fall Out Boy's video for their American Beauty/American Psycho single "Irresistible," featuring Demi Lovato:

Quit messing around and get the band back together, dudes. Make pop great again.