Makonnen returns Tuesday with his new mixtape titled Red Trap Dragon, which is executive produced by frequent collaborator Danny Wolf and hosted by DJ Lil Keem and DJ Spinz of Hoodrich Ent. The seven-song project includes previously released "Sound Like Who?" and features production from Danny on all but one record, with "Freezin" produced by C.Z. RUFFF.

"Red Trap Dragon is a mixtape me and Makonnen have been working on for the past year," Danny Wolf told us via email. "This is just a mixtape I feel the fans deserve since they've been waiting on production from me so long and songs from him."

"This is basically Makonnen's comeback from all the backlash he's received," Danny continued. "He dropped 'Side to Side' and everyone's saying 'Makonnen's back,' 'This is the Makonnen we needed,' 'This is fat Makonnen we missed so much,' but what they failed to realize is that the single for this mixtape has been ready since January. This is just a statement to all the previous hate. 'No Features' is a reply back to all the hate from everyone coming from every side and all the controversial allegations, and even me after having recent success with other bigger songs. This is a mixtape for all the core fans of the Danny Wolf X Makonnen collabs."

That would get any fan of Makonnen hyped for what's in store. Stream Red Trap Dragon below and grab "Side to Side" on iTunes.