Reason one million not to mess with the Beyhive: they might hack you.

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating Beyoncé fans for hacking the Gmail and iCloud accounts of Rachel Roy after she was falsely believed to be the "Becky with the good hair" that Bey referenced on "Sorry" off LEMONADE. According to the report, a few days after her Instagram post referencing the song, she contacted the LAPD to report that her accounts had been hacked, and that someone had changed her cell phone number without her permission.

Roy reportedly said she believed all the trouble stemmed from the Beyoncé incident, noting that her social media accounts had also been endlessly trolled with bee emojis. The report claims that the LAPD have obtained search warrants to go through phone and email records to try and identify the perpetrator, whom they believe may be an enraged Beyoncéfan. 

Roy was falsely identified as "Becky" after posting an Instagram with the caption "good hair don't care" soon after LEMONADE dropped. "Becky" was identified as the woman Jay Z had cheated on Bey with, and as such, much online vitriol soon started coming Roy's way. After she came out and publicly denied having anything to do with the scandal, the Beyhive moved on to Rita Ora, whom they also falsely declared to be "Becky." Clearly when you piss off Beyoncé, you piss off the world. To this day, Becky has not been identified, and many speculate that she is more of a figurative character representing infidelity rather than a specific person.

The LAPD did not immediately have a comment on the story.