Last night, during his closing set at the Trillectro Music Festival outside of Washington D.C., Kid Cudi unveiled a brand new track that's produced by Pharrell Williams. The song carries all the hallmarks of a vintage Pharrell joint—upbeat vibe, massive horns, and booming drums. It's also an interesting preview of the directions that Cudi plans on taking his next album.

Cudi himself performed the song with an incredible amount of energy and from the looks of the footage posted to social media, the crowd was absolutely into it. 

After coming off stage, Cudi logged on to Twitter to hype the song, retweet some fans, and answer a few questions about the new song.

Cudi has been hard at work in the studio these past few months. Recently, he revealed that he intends to release not just one album in 2016, but two. "So my plan is to release 2 albums this year. One for the summer and another for the fall. I finished this new one already. Fine tuning now," he wrote on Twitter earlier this summer. He added that he's been working off an immense amount of of inspiration, which is feeding into his new music. "My creative juices have been flowing violently since January and I have committed myself to swimming in the magic and making more heat," he tweeted before promising "to upgrade your minds."


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