On Friday, Joe Budden appeared as a guest on Ebro in the Morning to break down his feud with Drake in detail.

During the interview, Ebro, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez were joined by Marisa Mendez, who is a co-host on Budden’s I’ll Name This Podcast Later. Mendez also joined the crew to give another storyline about a separate incident involving her and Budden.

Budden pinpoints the start of the beef when he heard Drake’s subliminals on French Montana’s “No Shopping.” As his duty as an MC, Budden says he released four disses—“Making a Murderer (Pt. 1),” “Wake,” “Afraid,” and “Just Because”—to prove a point. The interview also touches on Budden’s criticisms of VIEWS, and where the beef stands today. “I mean, it’s been a non-issue for me. It’s been dead for me. At this point, it’s the fans and the media keeping this going. I don’t have any more bars for him…well I do,” he says, hinting that he has a finale diss track on deck if Drake or OVO responds.

The interview moves to Ebro speaking on a private conversation he had with Drake about an Eminem diss—​Ebro would later say it was a joke—which sparked Drizzy’s response to Hot 97 and Funkmaster Flex on his “Summer Sixteen” tour stops at Madison Square Garden. Ebro had some extra words to say when Drake called his last stop in NYC the “real Summer Jam,” and followed that with, “What have they done for New York lately?”

“Look, I enjoyed the promo. There wasn’t a second in here that I didn’t laugh about it,” Ebro says. “It wasn’t until you want to bring up Summer Jam and talk about what we do for the city that I am even going to give you a rib shot and tell you ‘relax’ and warn you ‘congratulations, you played yourself.’ If you think you’ve done anything in the zone to what this brand and Summer Jam has done for New York City and hip-hop. But it’s love.”

Near the end of the interview, Budden is in the hot seat for firing Mendez from his podcast with a text message. He later walks out because he felt like he was wasting his time getting grilled for past events. “Next time I come here for an interview, send my manager the talk points,” he says, arguing that they focused too much on Drake and not enough promoting his upcoming album, Rage & The Machine, with araabMuzik.

It is pretty uncomfortable to watch. Check out the full interview above. Budden walks out at the 39:15 mark.