Just days after it was reported that Jhené Aiko was ending her 11-month marriage to Dot Da Genius, the 28-year-old singer has released a new track called “New Balance.” And it sounds pretty relevant to all the drama going on in her life.

In the song, which was released Sunday, Jhené sings about a person whom she unexpectedly falls in love with and how she’s struggling with her feelings as well as other people’s judgment.

“It hit me like a tidal wave/Knew that I was in love with you right away/ Turned all my days into brighter days/Even when people say what we do is not ok […] Man fuck what other people say.”

Though Jhené has not provided any information on what inspired the song, many have concluded it’s in reference to her alleged relationship with her Twenty88 partner Big Sean. Even before the singer had split with Dot, rumors began circulating that Jhené and Sean had some kind of romance; however, Jhené denied these claims shortly after her divorce made news.

But it now appears there was some truth to those rumors. Before Jhené dropped “New Balance,” she shared the lyrics on Twitter and Tumblr. Sean responded to those posts with a tweet that encouraged the track’s release.

And just in case there was any doubt that the song was about Sean, check out one Jhené’s latest tweet. Hmm.

You can listen to "New Balance" below.