President Barack Obama is reportedly slated to have a better birthday party than you've ever had in your entire life. Sources confirmed to Page Six's apparent White House party experts Thursday that First Lady Michelle Obama is throwing a "top-secret bash" for Obama's 55th birthday with a guest list practically overflowing with confirmed royalty.

Beyoncé, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Usher are among the bragworthy names in music currently on the guest list. Page Six reports that Usher is the only one currently scheduled to perform, though it's certainly possible (hopefully!) that more could be added ahead of Friday's festivities.

Additional guests reportedly confirmed to be throwing down in the name of Obama's birthday, which was actually Thursday, lift the hype level to previously unforeseen heights. Still bragging about that time you rented out Dave & Buster's? Step aside! Michelle has reportedly secured Anna Wintour, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Ellen DeGeneres, Stevie Wonder, and more for the bash. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, current VP Joe Biden, and attorney general Loretta Lynch are also expected to attend.

Peeping some pics and footage of the birthday proceedings on Friday may prove difficult, however, as social media usage inside the event has reportedly been banned. "The plan is to throw a party for the president to really let his hair down," a source told Page Six. "There will be performances and a dance party that will go late into the night. Social media will be banned." Bummer.

But some, including Biden, have already started celebrating with some emotionally charged attire:

Wow. Must cop immediately. Happy Birthday POTUS!