Though it's only been two years, it really does feel like a lot longer since we heard from luxurious house and electronica producer Jacques Greene. If like us you were completely in love with tracks like "(Baby I Don't Know) What You Want", "Lay It Down" and "Another Girl", you'll have been hungry for this for the longest time. Well, the day has finally arrived and we've now got a new track in the form of "You Can't Deny", an R&B-infused piece of techy, housey electronica. "You Can't Deny" (out today on LuckyMe) marks the beginning of a collaboration between the Canadian producer and designer Hassan Rahim, alongside his ongoing work with creative studio Trusst and director Melissa Matos. Fans of those big older tracks definitely won't be disappointed, but there's still plenty of progression on his sound to stop this sounding like a throwback.