Once again, Frank Ocean's family members are out here assuring fans that he is alive and well, despite the fact that his long-awaited album still isn't out. 

"Embarrassing my kids is my favorite pastime!!! #nyclife#dontgivemomanymorewine," Katonya Breaux aka Frank's Mom captioned her video on Instagram. It's hard to determine exactly where in NYC the family was posted up as music blared in the background of the dimly lit restaurant.

It didn't take long for Frank fans to spot their favorite artist, speculating about the release of Boys Don't Cry all over his mom's comments section. "This man has me on his mother's instagram looking for clues. Smh. I ain't even loved any girls this much," one person wrote.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is still left praying for any signs of Frank's promised new album. An anonymous New York Times source claimed Frank's new project would arrive August 5 as an Apple Music exclusive. The date came and went without any sign of the project, leaving all of us, including the company's own employees, thirsty for the release. Once again, the internet was left disappointed as we all tried to come to terms with exactly what Frank Ocean owes his fans after a string of let downs.

It seems pretty obvious that Frank is set on keeping all of us in the dark and that we'll get his new album when he is ready to give it to us. At least we know he's having some good, wine-filled hangs with his family and that he's not still posted up on his mysterious livestream sawing wood.