Watch Drake Hit a Crazy Half-Court Shot While Lying Down

Drake flexes yet again on Instagram—this time by making a shot from half-court while lying down.

Drake has never been shy about sharing his affinity for basketball. From giving gifts to Kobe to betting $60K on the NBA Finals, Drizzy has always been in the mix when it comes to action in the sport. But now, he has just proved his bona fides in a whole different way—by hitting a half-court shot while lying down.

In footage posted on his Instagram, visible above, Drake takes a shot from the halfway mark at what appears to be a court in Atlanta, if the giant Hawks logo in the middle is any indication. He makes it, and even jokes "FOR THE KIA!!!!!" in the caption.

This might seem like it comes from out of nowhere, but let's not forget that Drake was videotaped practicing similar trick half-court shots this past spring at a SLAM Magazine photo shoot. Looks like practice really does make perfect.

Folks on Twitter were impressed with Drake's long-distance basket


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