Soon after her divorce from Dot Da Genius made news last week, Jhene Aiko went to social media to defend her decision as well as her character. The 28-year-old singer was accused of being unfaithful to the producer, as well as attempting to play the victim. She made an effort to shut down those rumors in a series of tweets.

In several of the posts, Aiko alluded to her tumultuous past with Dot, whose real name is Oladipo Omishore. One of the now-deleted tweets read: “i only cheated myself. so glad to be free from all the drugs, depression and confrontation,” while another suggested she was disrespected in more than one way.

After these tweets circulated around the internet, many people came to the conclusion that Dot was, in some way, abusive towards Jhene. Though she has never outwardly made these claims, it’s possible that her words were misconstrued. And now Dot has responded to these allegations in an effort clear his name.

"Because my nature us peaceful, I’ve been silent out of respect for all involved, and to maintain my privacy," he wrote in a note posted on Instagram. "However, I believe the truth must be heard, which is that I’ve never been violent or abusive towards any woman in my life."

You can read Dot’s full message below.