Lil Yachty collaborator Digital Nas has unleashed a four-track project called the Lost Files EP. The title Lost Files refers to the fact that all the tracks are old collaborations between Yachty and Digital Nas, dating back more than a year. "All this shit was recorded over a year ago, that's how you know niggas been making bangers," Digital Nas says on the project's intro. "I was finna let these shits be throwaways but I'ma do this for the people because I'm for the people. So I'ma give you niggas some old ass jams that was never dropped, just because they was never dropped. Enjoy this shit."

The project clocks in at less than 12 minutes total, but the four songs on the EP show an interesting development in Yachty's style. Most of them feel like they would fit right in on the more sing-songy Lil Boat mixtape, but they feel a bit removed from the more serious(ish) rapping Yachty has been doing lately. The tape also features Sailing Team member K$UPREME on the track "Lost Files Intro."

Lost Files EP isn't the only new Yachty music that's come out recently. On Tuesday, Yachty and his fellow XXL Freshman 21 Savage released their money counting anthem "Guap," which found Lil Boat getting his bars up a bit to match the 21 Savage vibe. Yachty also released a birthday mix containing a mixture of new and old songs to celebrate his 19th birthday earlier this month.

You can stream Digital Nas and Lil Yachty's Lost Files EP below via SoundCloud.

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