This year's Flow Festival in Helsinki, taking place this weekend (Friday Aug. 12 - Sunday Aug. 14), will for most people be the last festival of the summer. And what a way to close the season. If you've already grabbed your ticket, you'll probably be counting down the seconds. Even if you're a last-minute kind of person with a chronic aversion to forward planning, well, you might still get lucky with a ticket. And if you are that kind of person, chances are you've yet to plan out which stages you'll be at and at what time.

It's quite a line-up this year, and a pretty eclectic one at that, so planning is a must. There's punk from The Descendents and Iggy Pop, indie from New Order, Morrissey and Daughter, futuristic pop from Sia, FKA Twigs and Dua Lipa, a tonne of house and techno with Jeff Mills, The Black Madonna, Helena Hauff and DJ Pierre, hip-hop from Lil B, grime from Stormzy and countless other sounds blasting out across the Finnish capital. Whatever you're into, there'll be more than enough for you to gorge on. Still, with 11 different stages, you'll need to be a logistics savant—or you could just scroll through and check out our essential picks.

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