Astoundingly, there are still some naysayers when it comes to the marriage of music and politics. Show them Wretch 32's new video for "Liberation" and you will absolutely silence them, no question. With the world seemingly spinning out of control right now, Wretch has delivered a potent and astounding set of visuals that throw the cyclical tragedy of the situation into sharp relief. Look, there are a lot of songs that take aim at the police, but this one deserves a lot of credit for the sheer emotional intelligence.

Impressively, with such an emotionally-charged subject that is incredibly close to home for some, Wretch has steered clear of the purely emotional clapback and opts to go deeper into the problem to highlight the futility of the situation and the lack of options victims are faced with. Speaking to Noisey, the north London rhymer said: "Go to any London council estate and ask them what is happening, the majority of people will tell you it's something they're going through or have been through. But nobody knows where to report it and nobody knows how to report it. It gets swept under the carpet, not just by the authorities, but even by yourself. You're made to feel like something you did has caused this, but that is often not the case."

It's one thing to highlight a problem, but Wretch wants solutions. 

Watch the video for "Liberation" above.