Everybody Looking meant Gucci Mane got to reassemble Mike WiLL Made-It and Zaytoven in the studio, which had to be a good time for the longtime friends. Thankfully, we don't have to imagine what it was like to craft the new project because a new video provides an exclusive glimpse at what things are really like when these guys get to work in the studio.

The video captures the producers bounding ideas off each other as Everybody Looking cuts like "First Day Out Tha Feds" and the Young-Thug assisted, "Guwop Home," plays in the background. 

"When Zay did that 'First Day Out,' that shit was so classic. I just wanted 'First Day Out Tha Feds' to sound all the way different," Mike WiLL tells the camera about Gucci's first post-prison drop before praising Gucci for his admirable work ethic, which is pretty obvious to everyone since Gucci and his team wrapped up the project in just six days. There's a palpable amount of pride in the room, which makes sense given the anticipation for this project.

Grammy Award Winning Engineer Kori Anders, who has gone on record saying, "If it wasn't for Gucci, I don't think that southern hip hop would have as long of a run as it's had," also makes a cameo as everyone tries to perfect Gucci's sound.

Everybody Looking has been out less than a week, but the public has devoured the new project quickly as Gucci continues to give us more music videos. Watch the studio footage of everyone making Everybody Looking above and listen to the entire project here.