Joseph Kahn, the director of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video, decided to weigh in on the Taylor vs. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian feud on Twitter on Monday.

Kahn, who also directed the clips for "Wildest Dreams" and "Blank Space," compared Swift's treatment by the Kardashian clan to the way Kim's now-deceased father Robert Kardashian supported his longtime friend O.J. Simpson after the 1994 murder of the football star's wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

Kahn also had a pointed take on what was — and what wasn't — contained in the now-infamous phone call between Kanye and Taylor.

Kahn has jumped to Swift's defense publicly before. After the singer faced criticism for the mostly-white cast in her Africa-set video for "Wildest Dreams," Kahn delivered a spirited defense of the clip, saying that the people involved were "proud of our work."

Reaction to Kahn's Swift/Nicole Brown Simpson comparison was fierce and pointed.