Last month, 19-year-old New Jersey rapper Shake offered up a vibrant and introspective performance that fans immediately gravitated toward in "Bass for My Thoughts." Today, she follows that up with "Them Dead," which features her 070 crewmates Razsy, Phi, and Ralphy River. Over booming production from Kompetition, Shake delves into the corrupt climate of America and motivates the youth to make their own mark in the world.

Just as powerful is Shake's soliloquy at the end of the track where she steps away from the raps and just tells it straight for the listener. "The way the world works now you have to be wealthy in order to live healthy," she declares. "The way the world works you have to pay for knowledge in order to be considered smart." You'll get goose bumps hearing her voice. Bump "Them Dead" below.