Music is all around us.

That’s a phrase you hear pretty often. But for Sickick, it’s a way of life. As one of the most groundbreaking recording artists currently on the rise, it’s not so much that music speaks to Sickick—it’s that sounds do, in their rawest form. He hears sounds in the world around him—be it a clank, a hiss, a slam, or something else—and then transposes that cacophony into the building blocks of the complex and groundbreaking music that he creates.

And this all happens without anyone ever seeing his face. See, Sickick spends all of his public time completely concealed behind a (pretty dope looking) series of masks—an element that seemingly embodies his deep struggle with—and victory over—a massive level of fear in his life. “If anyone has battled a fear before,” he says, “they know how difficult it is to get over.” But Sickick has successfully battled his demons—and now, through his music, hopes to pass along that level of empowerment to his listeners. “My entire goal in life,” he says, “is to create…a movement of people that are completely fearless.”

This attitude may be part of why Sickick’s rise has been so meteoric. Thanks to some pretty sick YouTube videos that went viral, and being asked to open for the likes of Drake, Sickick has gone from relative obscurity to a high level of renown in a pretty short amount of time. But that’s what happens when you always keep people guessing—not just about what you look like, but how in the world you can keep creating music so original.

For more on Sickick’s wholly unique background and process, be sure to check out the latest installment of Uncharted in the video above, presented by Honda.