Naughty Records, the brainchild of prolific hit-maker Naughty Boy, is preparing to drop their latest release, Youthonix's One Beat At A Time EP. Though the EP is Youthonix's debut release, you have heard him before when he featured on Digital Farm Animals and R. Kelly's "Wanna Know" back in April. Now, setting out on his own, Youthonix is sharing the video for the upliftingly soulful, but thoroughly banging, "Moments". Featuring Arrow Benjamin, who's also notched up a high-profile collaboration (Beyoncé on the absolutely colossal Naughty Boy hit "Runnin"), "Moments" sees Benjamin's voice swoop gracefully through the breakdowns and euphoric highs while, on screen, nostalgic scenes play out that flit between the muted and the unashamedly fun and unpretentious. An undeniably strong debut release, check the video exclusively above.