Funk and jazz professor Swindle recently embarked on an impressive global project—to record three EPs in three countries, each one tapping into the sounds of that particular country. Titled A Trilogy In Funk, it will begin with the release of the Connecta EP (which saw Swindle travel out to Brazil to record three tracks with local musicians between three shows); then there'll be the Purple Walls EP (in which we'll hear Swindle explore the p-funk sound in LA, made famous by George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic); and finally the Funk & Grime EP (a funk-led EP featuring London-based MCs). 

Way back when, we half-jokingly said that Butterz's increasing global reach—which has already seen them set up a Japanese outpost—would eventually give us Butterz Brazil. Well, that turned out not to be hyperbole after all, and rather just plain old premonition. Traveling out to Brazil, Swindle soaked up the culture, collaborated with local musicians and came out with a finished EP. "Copacabana", which you can stream exclusively below, is a definite highlight on the Connecta EP and features his trademark jazzy, club-ready noodlings with the colourful Latin rhythms and melodies of the host country.

Swindle's Connecta EP is due Aug 12. via Butterz. Pre-order it now.

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