In balmy, hotter-than-LA temperatures, the human body so much beats and bass before it disintegrates into a puddle of sweaty mess. Instead, why not pour an ice cold drink and lie back with Eric Sings' new EP, My Hill. Acoustic guitars and emotive songwriting might not seem like the natural bedfellow of an infernal heatwave, but you really should try it. The opening, eponymous track eases you in with some fragile guitar melodies while Eric croons nimbly over the top about struggling to adjust to reality. Things crank up a notch with some grungey guitars on "Human" and then "Glitch", matched by the extra power he injects into his vocals. Concluding the EP is "Departure", a song that begins with the slightly heavier vibes of the previous two tracks, but then brings in moments of fragility reminiscent of the opener. In 2016 guitars are few and far between, so take a moment to indulge in something a little scarce right now—and hey, it's only 13 minutes long. So why not?