It’s mid-July with sweltering heat, but we got to thank Dot Da Genius for delivering this seductive remix of 112’s classic song “Anywhere" to celebrate his birthday today.

Dot Da Genius and Woodro Skillson, who joined together as HeadBanga, have changed the sonic make-up of the 1999 original. Back then, the song was still pretty damn sexy, and the video was just as steamy as we saw all members of 112 illustrate their lyrics in various scenarios. Anyone who had a late nights playlist threw this one on there.

In their remix, the guys have made the track a more danceable number, perfect for a house party or a club where you’re packed like sardines and want to get a bit closer to your crush/lover. "This one is for all the single people living care free and having fun. It could go down anywhere this summer!" he tells us. Let this inspire a whole new wave of summer love.

Listen to Dot’s and Woodro’s remix of “Anywhere” below, and look out for more music from him later this year.

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