DJs Do Ghetto is the debut album from half-Angolan half-Portuguese producer DJ N.K., and it's out today. The kuduro veteran, who's been in the game for over a decade, and his album follow swiftly from DJ TiGa's Jersey club-oriented The Sound: Vol. 1 tape on J-Cush's Lit City Trax. On DJs Do Ghetto, N.K. harnesses the swirling vortex of influences that converge on Lisbon and channels them into 12 adrenalin-soaked tracks. Though the album features a couple of guest spots from fellow kuduro ambassadors DJ Marfox and DJ Nervoso, it was "Punched Horn" that jumped out and grabbed us.

"In creating this track, I was looking to convey the music of the suburbs, the ghettos, arriving into Lisbon's affluent city centre." DJ NK explained to us via email. "This is a reasonably recent phenomenon where music breaks down socio-economic boundaries right down. The idea is that each horn sound is symbolic of our music arriving into the center of Lisbon, where I wanted to bring people together with my music. I chose the name "Punched Horn" because this Ghetto Music was so high energy, and made people sweat so much on the dance floor, it won the respect of the city and as a result broke social barriers, in a sense we punched right through with our sounds, with this track, the lead instrument primarily being a horn."

All pulsing sirens and cacophonous drums, "Punched Horn" is a maelstrom of post-apocalyptic club wildness and not something to be taken lightly. DJs, save this for when the crowd can't take any more and you feel like demolishing the whole building.