Austin, Texas native and one third of the Mad Classy Crew, Chango is about to drop a new EP called Friction (out Aug. 19 via FreshMoon), and we've got "What It Is" to share with you ahead of the release. On it he brings together a few overlapping and often intermingling elements; jungle, dancehall and footwork all interplay at various points through the four-track release. On "What It Is", however, no bones at all are made about what this track is: pure, bass-heavy, teeth-smashing jungle with abrasive low end, stomach-churning breaks and paranoiac voices flitting in and out of the track, all seemingly in a fatalistic bid to push you over the edge, never to return again. It's brutal, aggressive but without compromising the track's jungle roots he's managed to inject it full to bursting with huge swaths of colour and personality. This is unrepentant, unabashed fun—albeit slightly terrifying.