Bristol boys Apexape, aka Benny Kane and Dr. Specs, have already found loyal fans in Annie Mac, Pete Tong, MistaJam, Monki and more with their brand of soulful, bass-heavy house music. "Joy & Pain", the latest example of this, starts strong with a primal, animalistic bass line before tempering it a little with rich singalong vocal from Josh Barry and some percussive snaps and claps. Besides the inclusion of Barry, "Joy & Pain" is actually a rework of a track of the same name by Maze and Frankie Beverley from the '80s.

As the boys explained to us via email, "There's a beautiful moment right at the very end of "Joy & Pain" by Maze and Frankie Beverley, where there is nothing but the band singing Joy & Pain acapella with the crowd singing it back and clapping along. It has an amazing energy, full of soul, hope and unity, and that was a moment we thought would be incredible to re-create for a new audience today. It was an idea we had in development, brought to the forefront when working with Josh Barry who's incredible soulful voice gave justice to that beautiful moment we wanted to recreate. Amazingly, now when we play it the crowd sing it back to us, too."

"Joy & Pain" will by released via Cr2 on Aug 5.