As most sensible people know and will tell you, Mariah Carey is a natural treasure (and the star of Complex's August/September 2016 issue). This is a fact for numerous reasons. For starters, she is one of the most impressive vocalists of not only her generation, but all time. She is an accomplished songwriter—a point she will make again and again, and if you’re tired of her talking about this fact, you will deal. Of all the things to love about Mariah, though, her persona is paramount. There is literally no entertainer like Mariah Carey. Her antics and demeanor have been categorized in various ways, but the most popular is diva.

Diva means many things to people, but trust, in this space, it means nothing short of behavior worthy of celebration. As she’s said herself in the past, she lives in her own world. And what an absolutely spectacular world it is.

Enjoy, dahling.

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