A French makeup artist named Magali Beauvue transformed her client's son into a mini version of Drake, and the results are super adorable. Beauvue, who lives in Saint Martin, told Complex that the whole process took about an hour. "Because he's a little boy I couldn't take too long on him... the transformation has to be fast!" she wrote. Despite the time in the makeup chair, Beauvue said that "Dylane had so much fun doing it... he was looking at himself in the mirror and was saying 'Oh I really look like Drake now!"

Beauvue also explained that she loves Drake's music, having seen him twice in Saint Martin. "Something about him makes him seem so friendly despite his notoriety," she said. "People love him... that's why 'Little Drake' gets so much love."

You can watch the dramatic transformation, along with some super adorable dancing to "Hotline Bling" in the video below, and check out more makeup transformations on Beauvue's Instagram page.