JONIGOLD is a Toronto artist that rides dark and sulking instrumentals with emphatic and energetic hooks. A member of the RMNGNT collective, JONIGOLD now delivers his solo effort "N.I.G.H.T.S" (Now I'm Gon' Have To Snap).

The five track EP features production by Dranzition, CashMoneyAp, and MOSTHIGH's Daniel Worthy, among others. Taking the listener through atmospheric and booming sonics, the rapper stands out as confident and focused.​

Regarding the new project, JONIGOLD​ ​told us that he set out to reflect his current lifestyle. The goal was to create "feel good, live good music, with a hood twist. I focused on making my hooks A1, and my verses even more saucier, to embody what I call Jiggy Trap".

Listen to "N.I.G.H.T.S" by JONIGOLD below.