London singer-songwriter Jodie Abacus has been producing a steady stream of uplifting gems since 2015's "Good Feeling," with his particular blend of funk and soul earning comparisons to Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, and Michael Jackson, among others. Today, the up-and-coming act debuts the video for his single, "I'll Be That Friend," from the For Real Life and Not Pretend EP, released in February.

Abacus made "I'll Be That Friend" at a low point in his nascent career, but he rose from rock bottom to record this Hall and Oates-style ode to the good friends who pull us through those troubling times. Underneath Abacus' rich vocals, the keys and bass act as the bones and muscle for this track, driving the chorus home with vibrant, vivid force. The highlight of Abacus' debut EP, "I'll Be That Friend" is an essential cut for any serious summer playlist. Watch the video for the song above.