If you're a human with a heartbeat, you've probably been bumping DJ Khaled's soul-affirming Major Key at confidence-boosting levels all damn day. But the nation's leading provider of cloth talk would probably approve of pausing that instaclassic just long enough to peep this heat from a Jesus-loving grandmother, whose cleaner-than-Big-Willie-Style flow has Twitter losing their shit:

Speaking with BuzzFeed News Friday, the lucky recipient of Lyrical Lively's Uh Huh said he was at a gas station in Mississippi when Sister Bobbie Lively, 74, started chatting with him. That chat ultimately resulted in Keith Brown's wildly popular tweet above, which has now spilled over into straight-up viral fame for Lyrical Lively’s entire catalog:

At least one person had, um, a different response:

Looking for a remix? We got you:

Even Questlove and The Roots crew are down with Lively's spirited lyricism:

But Lyrical Lively isn't interested in her newfound fame, as Brown revealed on Twitter Friday:

Even I, a godless deviant, can say with full confidence that this is a Holy Key indeed.