James Corden couldn't resist the chance to parody Kanye West and Taylor Swift's now infamous leaked phone call after Kim Kardashian unleashed it to the world and broke the internet once again.

The Late Late Show host played the first part of the video for his audience where Swift says, "I really appreciate it. The heads-up is so nice." The quote leaves him visibly shocked. "Wow. I mean that is damning for Tay Tay," he quips before stating the obvious. "Here’s the question: Does Kim Kardashian ever record anything where someone doesn’t get screwed?"

Then Corden showed his own conversation with 'Ye about the lyric and Swift, advising West to check if she's with someone before including the bar that they may have sex. "I don’t even know if she’s with someone right now. I could check on the internet, but she’s super-private about that kind of stuff. She really doesn’t let people know what’s going on with her personal life, so if I was you, I would just let it go." Cue LOLs and Tom Hiddleston.

Of course, Corden had to also looked to 'Ye to get some advice back while he had him on the line and asked if he should tell a joke about Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, before cutting to West saying, "Relationships are more important than punchlines, you know?"

In case you've been anywhere but the internet the past few days, Swift and West's feud came to a head Sunday night when Kim lit up her Snapchat with the videos of the pair's conversation about the "Famous" lyric that she first alluded to in her GQ interview. It turns out that Swift was in on the joke, helped craft the second half of the lyric, and said she would let everyone know that she was in on it at the Grammys, which instead turned into taking a shot at West during her Album of the Year acceptance speech. Many are up in arms over whose side they're on in this, but it's clear that the memes and the late night hosts win in this case.

Watch Corden hilariously take on the whole thing on The Late Late Show above.