It's no secret that Fetty Wap's career exploded out of nowhere last year, but sometimes it's easy to forget that just a year ago, he was a little-known guy from Paterson, N.J. Thankfully, we got an amazing reminder of this over the weekend when Fetty posted a reaction video after he met Gucci Mane. "Yesterday I met Gucci Mane. I met motherfucking Guwop," he exclaimed. "My life is fucking finished. Life goals. I'm done."

Fetty went on to reflect on his rapid road to success. "I'm fucking super fucking rich," he said. "I made more than $5 million, I met Guwop, I got all my fucking dream cars. I fucking quit. I'm deleting everything. Fuck Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. There's no more Fetty Wap man. It's over." You can check out his entire amazing reaction and speech about Gucci Mane in the video below.

Fetty actually got the name "Wap" from Guwop, and has often spoke about how much he idolized Gucci Mane. Clearly their meeting had an effect on the Paterson rapper, who looks absolutely hyped in the video. 

Fetty's meeting with Gucci likely came just before he joined the rapper on stage at his homecoming concert on Friday. It's not hard to imagine how going from being a fan to performing with your idol would be an incredible experience for anyone, even someone who's had such a sudden and successful run like Fetty has.