"Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake/You know I love to go there," is probably one of the most meme-able lyrics of all the very Drake lyrics on Views, which is why the internet is exploding over the fact that Drake was spotted at the Cheesecake Factory in Houston, Texas Wednesday night.

In reality, it seems no one has permanently scarred the sacred chain for Drake as he rapped on "Child's Play" after all since he felt comfortable enough stopping by the Texas location with his crew.

Of course, Drake was also spotted in Houston filming the new official music video for his Views cut, "Child's Play," which is the song that boasts the famous lyric. It's definitely possible Drake was actually filming a lyric-appropriate video while eating dinner to slice into the final visual. Knowing Drake, it could be that working on the video late at night and repeating the line about the Cheesecake Factory over and over might have also just left him starving for a perfect meal of their chicken pot stickers, Thai lettuce rolls, and Oreo dream cheesecake.

We'd also understand his hunger given the fact that it's been a busy few weeks for the rapper. He's been chilling all over the world at his ex-but-now-rumored-again-girlfriend Rihanna's shows to perform their hit, "Work," for the crowds and hit up clubs together after each show. If you haven't heard, Views has also been doing incredibly well on the charts, spending nine weeks in the No. 1 spot before Blink-182 finally knocked him down to No. 2 like it was 2001 all over again. Still, it was enough time for him to rack up some new records like being the third ever hip-hop album to hold on to the top spot for so long and tying Michael Jackson to become the second male ever to have the No. 1 song and album in the country for seven weeks simultaneously.

Sadly, Drake didn't Instagram his meal, but we're still hoping his dinner will make a cameo in the upcoming video. Watch previews of the new visual for "Child's Play" below.


The video for #ChildsPlay is being shot in Houston!

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#Drake last night on the set of #ChildsPlay.

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#Drake tonight at V Live in Houston. #ChildsPlay

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