When DJ Khaled shows up to Ebro in the Morning, we all know crazy things can happen. After all, who could forget his wild, ranting appearance back in 2015 when he told the story of "riots" breaking out when he bumped DMX music at a gig.

Unfortunately, his appearance Wednesday morning wasn't quite as eventful, perhaps because Ebro was away in Japan. Nonetheless, Khaled got into some details about his hotly anticipated album Major Key, which drops on Friday. He previously revealed that the project will feature Nas rapping on a song called "Nas Album Done." During his appearance Wednesday, he said that the track's beat will feature a "major" sample of the Fugee's "Fu-Gee-La." "He's going in," Khaled said of Nas' verse on the track, promising the song would be huge. He also paid his respects to Pete Rosenberg, whose powerful speech on police brutality went viral earlier this year. "The way he spoke his mind, I felt it... It touched the world," he said. 

Khaled also touched on meeting up with President Obama. "When I went to see Obama at the White House it was very amazing, I was very inspired," he said. He revealed that they discussed how to make a positive impact in our country. "How we can uplift the world, the community," he said. "Let people know  if you ever fall, if you've ever been through something, that you can actually get up and move forward."

You can check out Khaled's whole interview, where he also discusses untold stories of Big Pun, Redman, and more, in the video above. You can also check out Khaled's new Complex cover with Tony Robbins right here