Desiigner and Lil Yachty are two of the hottest rappers on the rise right now, so you know it's a good thing these guys are currently in the studio together cooking up some new music.

It's hard to see a video of Desiigner in the studio and fight the urge to plead ask him where in the world is his "Timmy Turner" track. He jumped on Twitter Wednesday and told fans that he was about to drop the track. "I GOT SO MUCH TO SURPRISE MY FANS WITH [😇] [📽] [🎤] [📲] #NEWENGLISH #LOD."


— Desiigner (@LifeOfDesiigner) July 13, 2016

Bout TOO DROP TIIMMY TUNER 😌😌💯💯🔥💯🔥😩😩💪🏾💪🏾🎬🎬🎬

— Desiigner (@LifeOfDesiigner) July 13, 2016

People jumped on their computers and phones and stared at his Twitter and SoundCloud anxiously awaiting the second the song dropped, filling the time with much needed distractions like Hey Arnold! gifs that mimicked their impatience. A day later and we are still trackless, but we can only hope that Desiigner will bless us with the song by Friday so that we don't have to spend another weekend without it. We can't discount the fact that he did just drop his debut project, New English, so at least we have that.

Waiting for desiigner to drop Timmy turner like

— Anubis Khan (@AnubisKhan_) July 13, 2016

Meanwhile, Lil Yachty is currently prepping for his upcoming Boat Show Tour, which is now almost sold out. He'll be hitting several cities across North America beginning in Vancouver this August. Yachty has definitely not been slacking when it comes to releasing new music. He linked up with Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana for the summer heater, "In My Foreign" and had us dabbing to his track about girls, money, and four-headed showers on his "First M Freestyle."

The boat show is almost sold out!

Chicago -

Detroit -

Denver -

— lil boat (@lilyachty) July 13, 2016

It definitely makes sense why these two would want to hit the studio together. We'll have to wait to hear the finished product, but at least this video gives us a taste of what's to come. As per usual, Desiigner has unstoppable energy while Yachty is kicking back in the corner of the screen. Watch it above.