It's been almost three years now since Danny Brown released his third album, Old, so his fans have been ecstatic to see that things are finally progressing with the Detroit rapper's fourth project. In mid-June, he dropped the single "When It Rain," along with an accompanying video. And now, the project that "When It Rain" will live on finally has a name. On Sunday night, Brown took to Twitter to share that his next album will be called Atrocity EXhibition.

The album title comes from the name of a Joy Division song, which itself is named after a book by J. G. Ballard. One fan took it upon himself to explain this to Danny, but of course, he already knew the origins of the title and shut the fan down on Twitter.

Danny also made the announcement on Instagram, alongside lyrics from the original Joy Division song.

Danny's fans have been patiently waiting for news about the project. Since releasing Old in October 2013, he has been relatively quiet as far as new music is concerned. Thankfully, he returned with "When It Rain" and is now seemingly making even more headway by announcing the album title. He was cryptic about the album's release date, saying only that fans should ask his manager Dart Parker.

Hopefully, this announcement means that Atrocity EXhibition is on its way soon.