Peyton Manning was reportedly the guest of honor at a big retirement party that was put together for him at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel on Monday night. According to a since-deleted tweet that was sent out by NFL Media senior analyst Gil Brandt on Friday, there was a "huge celeb list" for the party, which was held to celebrate Manning's legendary 18-year NFL career. And while it seems it was a secret party—there's been almost no mention of it on social media—it appears as though it did go down based on a tweet Chance the Rapper sent out very early Tuesday morning.

It doesn't sound like Chance wasn't invited to the party, but apparently, he snuck into the shindig and linked up with Justin Timberlake to take a photo with him. He posted the picture with JT on Twitter and told his followers he was "currently crashing Peyton Manning's retirement party."

Manning has been enjoying himself quite a bit since retiring from the NFL back in March by delivering an emotional retirement speech. He was spotted in a bar in Nashville back in April doing some highly enjoyable karaoke, and there's no doubt that his latest party was probably all sorts of lit. Even if there aren't currently any photos to prove it.

Manning and Timberlake have actually known each other for years. Manning recently revealed that he first met JT during his rookie year with the Colts when he mistook him for a bowling alley employee. He even asked Justin to grab him a pair of bowling shoes. Luckily, they've since gotten over their awkward first encounter and are now good friends. JT will be presenting the Icon Award to Manning—along with Kobe Bryant and Abby Wombach—at the ESPYs on Wednesday night.

It's not clear why Chance was in Los Angeles or how he ended up at the party, but we're glad it happened. Now if we could just get a Chance and JT collaboration, we would be happy.

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