Céline Dion rocking a Rihanna impression? That's what Thursday's Tonight Show gave us, with Jimmy Fallon somehow convincing the Canadian legend to join him for a round of "Wheel of Musical Impressions." As true Tonight Show heads already know, the game consists of spinning a potentially dangerous wheel which provides the player with an artist name and a song selection. That randomly generated impression must then be mastered, which is pretty much exactly what Céline did.

First up, Céline had to nail a Cher version of confirmed banger "Frère Jacques." For good measure, Céline even worked in a slice of Cher's 1998 Auto-Tune classic "Believe." Legend.

The "My Heart Will Go On" hitmaker also delivered top-shelf takes on Rihanna (with a Bad Gal-esque take on "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"), Sia, and Michael Jackson. Pretty dope. But, hey, remember that Ariana Grande slayed a Céline impression on Fallon?

And what about that time she nailed another Céline impression on Saturday Night Live?

Speaking on that major SNL moment during an appearance on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in March, Ariana Grande revealed that at least one megastar was very impressed. "When I met Céline, she told me, she was like, 'When I saw you, I peed!'" Grande said.

Given how awesomely meta (i.e. rocking a Vetements Titanic sweatshirt in public) Dion has been as of late, perhaps this is all a sign that an impressions-based collab between her and Grande is coming. Just imagine a Céline Dion v. Ariana Grande double album, in which they both trade impressions of each other back and forth until the music industry collapses.