Vince Staples sat down with Tim Westwood for an interview at Wireless Festival in London this weekend, and Big Sean decided to crash it. Just a few minutes into the interview, Sean shows up out of nowhere to wrap Vince in a friendly headlock. It seems like Vince is clearly relieved that the pressure is off him, and even starts interviewing Sean alongside Tim. "You're making this easier for me, so keep on going," laughs Vince.

Eventually, they get to talking about linking up in the studio, loving the turn-up spirit of Mike WiLL Made-It, and making it as a black man in America. "We're young black men from America. Do you know what that means?" asks Sean. "That means none of this shit is promised to us man. These watches, these whatever the fuck we like, taking care of our families, this shit ain't promised out here. We gotta work, and I work like a fucking slave." Although it's a serious moment, they all remain lighthearted, with Sean even threatening to steal Tim's microphone.

Elsewhere in the interview, Vince chops it up about his upcoming EP Prima Donna. Although he's vague about the details, he promises that it's "happening soon." He also offers his take on the resurgence in attention paid to police brutality in America, saying that he feels "the same way I felt the last time it happened," and expressing frustration about the lack of change that he sees.

You can check out his back-and-forth with Big Sean above, and the rest of his discussion in the video below.