Much fuss has been made interpreting Beyonce's Emmy-nominated LEMONADE since it dropped in April. Initially the conversation was limited to reconciling the lyrics on Bey's concept album about women scorned against tabloid gossip about the Carters. But seeing the Formation tour adds a new level of complexity and intrigue. Or, rather, you gain a deeper understanding and respect for the ways LEMONADE reconfigures and makes plain subtle elements in Beyoncé's previous work.

The tour's set list is a cunning, successful exercise in spinning an even larger narrative than the album does, and the ways in which old songs—staples in her career at this point—take on new meaning when refracted through the LEMONADE lens still has our minds spinning. The "Formation" tour is currently enjoying its European leg, but now that the U.S. run has wrapped up, we rounded up everyone on staff who witnessed the greatness to talk about which Beyoncé classics play differently in the aftermath.