Yeezymania descended upon New York City over the weekend after Kanye West's canceled Governors Ball performance inspired the G.O.O.D. Music team to put together a last minute pop-up show. These plans eventually resulted in the announcement of a 2:00 a.m. show at Webster Hall, though the sheer volume of potential attendees ultimately resulted in the additional bummer of yet another cancelation. For one would-be attendee, the beauty of the moment was marred by the biggest bummer of all: getting arrested.

"It wasn't worth 16 hours in jail," Lauren Epstein, 26, told the New York Daily News whilst presumably feeling very unlike Pablo. "Maybe Beyoncé would be, but not this.​" Epstein, the only person to be arrested during the post-cancelation chaos, says she was out with friends when someone screamed Yeezus was getting close. Though cops reportedly told fans to disperse, Epstein claims to have not heard the order and chose instead to cross the street to return to a nearby bar.​

"That's like the coolest thing about living in New York City—you have a spontaneous moment," Epstein, a restaurant manager, told the Daily News. However, Epstein apparently can't believe she got jailed "all for fucking Kanye West" due to the fact she doesn't "even, like, love him." She ultimately agreed to a conditional dismissal deal at her Manhattan Criminal court arraignment Monday. According to the Daily News, an outstanding open container summons is "likely the reason" she was held overnight.

Though Epstein clearly wasn't feeling the ultralight beams that evening, plenty of other (not arrested) people definitely were: