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One thirsty T.I. fan wanted to show the rapper how much she loved him with a big kiss, but things didn't turn out as she hoped. In the video, which the rapper posted on his Instagram, she grabbed his face and went in for his lips, but T.I. masterfully swerved his head so fast that that she had no chance of success.


"Maaaaan I don’t know what da fuq made Shawty think she was just Gon get some Sugar!!!!! Not MY lips ma'am.... No SIR!!!! Shiiii-iiiit!!!!" he captioned the video, before leaving a pretty clear warning for other hopefuls. "🚧Caution,dangerous Curves🚧"

​It's no secret T.I. is a family man who is devoted to his wife and his kids, especially considering how his VH1 show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, is based entirely around the family. Just this past March, T.I. and Tiny's family expanded when Tiny gave birth to their brand new daughter, Heiress Harris. The baby girl is the seventh child for the longtime couple and was an extremely joyous occasion. On Father's Day, Tiny shared her beautiful new baby with the world on Instagram and thanked T.I. for all of the blessings he has given her. "I will always love u for making my world be fill with nothing but the most amazing kids on the planet," she wrote.

Recently, T.I. did begin his venture into the adult entertainment industry, holding a casting call for his new strip club in Atlanta. However, it's clear that being around other women does not take away from the love he has for his wife. Fans were quick to point out that Tiny was probably not too happy at the fan's attempt to kiss her man. "Tiny should've been there to bust her thirsty lips," one fan replied, but we think T.I. handled the situation pretty well.

@Tip Tiny should've been there to bust her thirsty lips 😷😩

— Isha Thorpe (@IshaThorpe) June 26, 2016

@Tip what a loyal black man looks like

— Moey Sho (@Madmo95) June 26, 2016

@Tip Thank you for validating us being so pissed when we hear "SHE just KISSED me outta nowhere" no U clda stopped it!

— Royalty (@UrHighness2U) June 26, 2016

@Tip how I seen the situation😂👌🏾

— Zay Edwards (@xjedwards) June 27, 2016

@Tip LMAO shawty made that move like she got it all planned, and you had to kill her vibe 😂😂😂😂

— HEADmaster (@Mr_Hardey) June 27, 2016


— Shosho Light (@carolinespencer) June 27, 2016

@Tip Tiny's going to whoop that ass bitch 😂😂 Better leave that man alone! SWERVE

— Galaxy Girl (@SupernovasGirl) June 26, 2016