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If you noticed Trick Daddy trending on Twitter on Tuesday morning, it's no accident. A crazy clip of the Miami rapper freaking out into a camera phone is going viral on social media. It's not 100 percent clear what set him off or who he's even talking about, but some reports indicate that it's the result of a Facebook Live broadcast gone terribly awry.

In the video, Trick Daddy can be seen violently cursing someone out. "Don't play with me, bitch, I swear before God," he says at the beginning of the clip before totally losing it. You can watch him go off in the clips below, but be warned: There is a lot of NSFW language in the videos.

Trick Daddy verbally attacks an unnamed woman in the videos and repeatedly calls her a hoe and rants about comments made on social media. "This hoe ain't got no business talking about comments," he says. "I didn't say nothing about you, hoe."

Later, he yells, "Suck my dick from the back so when your jaws get tired you can kiss my ass, bitch. Fuck wrong with you hoe?" He then repeatedly spits at his camera phone and shouts, "I spit at you." At one point, he also threatens to take his dick out and appears to reach for it before changing course.

Clearly, the entire thing is pretty absurd, and Twitter has been going off about it:

Hopefully, whoever got Trick Daddy riled up like this has an apology ready.