After his recent freestyle with LA Leakers and a questionable photoshopping choice on Instagram, Vic Mensa sparked rumors that he might be beefing with his Save Money associate Chance the Rapper. In a new interview with Real 92.3 LA, Vic addressed the rumors rumors head on. When asked whether or not he feels a competition with Chance, he immediately said "yeah. Competition is healthy though." 

Despite this, he denied the idea that he's getting caught up in petty beefs. "I know beef can get all complicated and things get twisted up here," he said, "but I really pride myself on, my entire life, having been a real straight up dude to everybody around me... I don’t do my people dirty. If somebody was wanting to beef with me, they wouldn’t have all that much ammo. They would have to start digging and making things up, ’cause i just keep it really, really, really real with my guys. The people that I move with and do business with, they would testify that I'm 100 with mine."

Vic later spoke on the rap game as a whole and how he's not planning to let anyone off the hook in 2016. "Do I think that I'm better than everybody rapping?" he asked. "Yes. I really just don't think a lot of these rappers are very good. The vast majority of them are not very good. You've got just a small handful of people that are good, and I know most of them and respect all of them, but that's just a handful."

You can check out his whole interview above to hear more about the supposed beef and his new EP There's Alot Going On.