As the older brother of local rap phenomenon Kerser, Rates has developed his own strong following over the years. Having featured on a number of Kerser's tracks and consistently supporting him on tour, he's still managed to hone his own craft and create a sound for himself that's quite separate from his brother's material.

There's not much more proof that Rates is his own man, than his latest album Untold hitting number one on the Google Play hip-hop charts, and number two on the iTunes hip-hop charts after its release. The album is impressively introspective, touching on a lot of Rates' deepest thoughts and concerns, backed by a mix of hip-hop, rock and electronic production courtesy of Bennie On The Beat.

Naturally, travelling across the country with his brother and friend Jay Dee (a.k.a Jay UF), the crew have done and seen a lot in the past five years. Knowing both that, and the album's title, Complex AU decided to chop it up with Rates about some Untold stories from the road and back home. Read on below for some of the Campbelltown native's best tales.