Tate Kobang returns today with the debut of his brand new video "Gucci Back," which is a remake of Gucci Mane's classic track, "On Deck." In the video for the Nitti Beatz-produced song, Tate brings Snapchat to life as he brings the camera in close while he's spitting the furious lines on the trappy song. Even better, Tate used the popular dog filter at the beginning of the clip to prove he's really about it. For Tate though, this is all about an overall appreciation for Gucci Mane and what he's meant to his career. "In my city ... In da trenches .... Gucci is our tupac. Gucci coming home was big for me. We came up with the Snapchat idea just on the fly, the video was a straight shoot thru scene and we thought it just should be some slick shit to do," Tate told Complex.

As Tate Kobang continues to rise through the industry, the 300-signee is making sure his fans always have plenty of new music to stay satisfied. Back in April, Tate released his Lords of da Trenches mixtape to high praise and appreciation. If you haven't done so already, you can check out the mixtape here. Along with the premiere of the new video, Tate is also gearing up for his Boiler Room set tonight, which fans ages 18-21 can RSVP for right now